P.I.V. Chains & P.I.V Gear Boxes

Belt Conveyor: We are supplying Belt Conveyor either with Steel Rollers or Rubber Coated Rollers with sufficient support rollers throughout the length.

We are also supplying belts made form all Nylon, Polyester Nylon, Natural Rubber, Food Grade Rubber; Oil & Chemical Resistance Rubber; High Temperature Resistance Material, Teflon etc.

Conveyors are made for 0.5 mt./min. to 50 mt./min. at 0* inclination to max. 25* with light weight and low power.

Slat Conveyor : Slats are made for specially selected teak wood and coated with wood lacker or P.P. UHMWPE, steel material. k1 of k2 type long pitch chains are specially designed to drag specified load with long life.

Speed max. 15mt./min. with inclination of 0* to 10* max. for compact weights, used in assembly line of medium to large sized piece production, foundries, bottling plants, bag filling plants, food industries etc.

Roller Conveyors : Driven/Gravity Rollers are made for standard tested ERW Pipes and sealed bearings. The conveyors are made up of a number of sections each between 2mt. to 3mt. long with inclination of 3* to 1*.

We are sure that this products will be helpful in your various, projects for safe and efficient material handling.